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About GoRetirement

GoRetirement is a community organisation for pre-retirees and retirees. Our aim is simple. To help pre-retirees do the necessary work before retirement to ensure a smooth and exciting transition to a great post work life, and to help existing retirees keep their retirement in top shape.

GoRetirement was set up by our founder, Lanning Bennett, to help retirees in what can be at times, a difficult journey. When Lanning retired he saw first hand how many people were struggling with it, how many spent their days drifting, and how, over time, that drifting affected them emotionally and physically.

Our first course, Men in Retirement- Making it Great was developed to address the often unique issues of men in retirement. Men, we discovered have (arguably) a more difficult time in retirement than woman. Men are (generally) less socially skilled than woman, they are more reluctant to reach out in retirement and build connections, to take the initiative, to organise things and invite people along. They tend to sit and wait. And that doesn’t work in retirement.

We have added a Facebook presence to encourage connection and the swapping of ideas. We have established a popular blog which you can access through this site, where we post interesting ‘stuff’ – articles, ideas, research papers, thought starters, places to travel to, hobbies that you may like to consider, activities, ways to keep fit, keep busy, keep interested and keep interesting.

We work with government. Our population is aging. We are in retirement longer. Governments are increasingly concerned about the social isolation and potential physical and emotional health issues associated with retirement. They want their senior population to have a retirement lifestyle that keep them active and engaged and excited.

We offer our services to responsible organisations seeking to ensure support for their older employees and their transition to retirement.

We continue to build. If you think of something we could add, please let us know. We are all in this together.

It’s your time. Make it shine.



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