Building and living a great retirement

For pre-retirees, retirees and couples

Retirement can be difficult. It is an enormous life transition. We move from a forty year work life that has kept us busy and structured and social, to a retired life that, if we are not careful, can lack the sense of belonging and purpose that work delivered. It can be, at its worse, lonely, isolating, and boring, full of endless days with nothing much to excite us.

Whilst the research varies, it generally shows that up to 60% of retirees are less than happy with their retirement. That’s a big number! And we see this reflected in related statistics, with the highest increase in divorce rates being those at retirement age.

Our relationships are not the only things at risk. Our physical and emotional wellbeing are also reliant on us having a good retirement.

A happy retirement is very important.

Yet many people settle for a retirement that is only so-so. It drifts from one day to the next. The day’s pass.

Given that this is the last third of our lives, drifting is just not good enough (in our view.) Each day is precious. We have for the first time in our lives the ability to do what we want. We can be a little bit selfish. The kids have left home, we may a little bit of money, but more importantly we have the time and imagination to do just what we want.

Since 2016, GoRetirement has built a community of products and services to help pre-retirees, retirees and couples, plan and prepare for, maintain and live, a great retirement lifestyle. Online and face to face courses and materials, digital communities using Facebook and other online platforms such as Clipboard and our You Tube channel, GoRetirement. Check out Kindle and Apple Books for our our book, 7 Steps to a Happy Retirement. Follow our retirement ideas and tips, newsletters and blogs, podcasts and conversational sites where people share their retirement stories, successes and challenges.

We are a ‘community’ organisation to help pre -retirees best prepare for, and for retirees to best live, a great retirement. To get retirement back on track if it slips, to keep it fresh and interesting, to build alignment with our partners so we can enjoy the time together, and as pre-retirees, ensure we are retirement ready, so we look forward to retirement, rather than dread it.

We are not financial advisors, there are plenty of people offering advice in this space. Our focus is about how you get the best out of every day, within your budget. You can be as rich as Bill Gates and still have a less than satisfying retirement. You can still be bored. You can still drift.

Sure, money takes some of the worry from retirement but it doesn’t automatically bring us any of the joy. To do that, we have to work on getting our retirement into shape. That is our focus.

Join our community, sign up to our blog. We’d love to hear from you. Share your ideas with others and seek ideas for your own retirement. Join us on Facebook or Flipboard.

And … have a great retirement!

Lanning Bennett

Retirement lifestyle programs

On-line and face to face programs for pre retirees and retirees

We have a wide range of on-line and face to face programs for pre-retirees seeking a smooth transition to a great retirement, for existing retirees who feel their retirement could do with a lift (or a major overhaul), and for couples who are keen to ensure their retirement’s are aligned and working for both.

We also run courses specifically for men, because men often have specific gender based issues that makes retirement particularly challenging.

Our 7 Step program and its associated tools, methodologies, solutions and approaches are designed to help you at all stages of your retirement from pre-retirement planning and transition, to early stage retirement and it’s challenges, to longer term retirees, who may find themselves in a bit of a rut.

Issues and problems can, and do occur at all stages of retirement. Great retirements are an ongoing work in progress.

Events and our online community

Special events, connecting, sharing and learning.

We believe strongly in the benefits of community – a community of fellow retirees and pre-retirees, practitioners, researchers and others interested in this issue, connected and communicating about retirement issues and problems, sharing ideas and solutions, to the benefit of us all. No one has all the answers, we are all trying to figure it out as we go. We hope that people will connect thought this site and our other digital platforms including Facebook and Flipboard. A problem shared is a problem solved, as they say.

Men in Retirement

Making it Great!

Specifically for men, on-line or face to face.

Research by Kubicek and Korunka (2018), Wang (2007), Price and Joo (2005) and many others has confirmed what we know anecdotally to be true, that whilst men and woman have many similar issues regarding retirement, men have some that are unique to them that can cause significant problems in retirement. This is a course for men about men retirement issues.

Men in Retirement – Making it Great was our original course and was started in response to our founder’s personal experience as a man, dealing with retirement and then realising how many other men, friends and friends of friends etc were wrestling with the same issues. These issues are becoming so significant as our populations age, that we have recently been approached by health authorities to roll out this program more broadly in the community.

This course, available on-line or face to face (or a combination of both), from short form to one-day, seeks to help men prepare for and build a great retirement. For pre retirees who might be worried about (or dread…) retirement, and for existing retirees who feel that their retirement can be better, more interesting, more connected and more exciting.

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