The Naked Retiree is used by pre retirees to help best prepare for and transition to retirement, existing retirees who wish to give their retirement a bit of a lift or more and for couples coming up to or in retirement who wish to build and live a retirement that considers the needs and ambitions of both. It contains useful tools and tips and ideas.

What people say about The Naked Retiree and our work.

‘I retired five years ago and have really enjoyed talking with Lanning about my retirement.  He is an active, creative and thoughtful person,  with lots to offer  around planning and managing your retirement.  There is plenty to dive into in his retirement book and website.’
J Quinn, Sydney

‘Lanning’s insight into the issues that we retirees all seem to face is accurate. He offers plain, straight up, common sense suggestions to men in my situation.’ R Jenkins, Australia

‘I have tended to see myself as slipping into retirement for a couple of years now. My project based work makes that possible.  The Naked Retiree brings a more positive way to look at this part of my voyage (not retirement!) and provides a framework for setting objectives, assessing progress and identifying where improvements are possible. It is a powerful methodology for anyone with a mind to proactively shape their lives, at any stage.  Or it is helpful if one is not proactive by nature but wants to understand what being proactive entails.’
J Chapman, Munich

‘GoRetirement has helped me identify and address and prepare for retirement. It has helped me focus on the really important few years before retirement and building a retirement that I am really excited about. I was quite nervous at the thought of retirement. I thought it would be empty and maybe a bit lonely but I am now really looking forward to it as the next exciting stage of my life.’
L Montgomery, Sydney

‘Keep this book by your side. It’s everything you need to know about how to build and live the very best retirement.’
N Ravo. Journalist Wall Street Journal, USA

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