Lanning Bennett

CEO and Founder: GoRetirement.

Director and Founder: Holhen Group, Origin Group and COI.

Graduate UTS Sydney, B Bus 1980

Lanning started his career in institutional banking leading to various international and domestic roles in London, Hong Kong, The United States and Australia including as CEO, with companies such as CitiGroup, Bank of America, Westpac and ICCH,

In 1998 Lanning left banking to found Origin, a B2B software company with clients in Australia, The United States, Europe, South America and Asia. This was sold in 2015.

In 2016 Lanning scaled back his day to day business activities focussing on mentoring of small businesses, as a guest sharing his experiences with students in business rated disciplines at Sydney University, University of New England and London University, occasional teaching in music history, writing of fiction and non fiction, playing in a hobby band and getting in the occasional swim at the beach.

Lanning became increasingly interested in retirement – its personal challenges and its impact on happiness, mental and physical health. He has taught extensively on this subject, and is author the leading book on this subject, The Naked Retiree. Lanning started GoRetirement to help further explore and raise awareness around this issue offering practical tools and approaches, and working with government and other stakeholders to address many of the issues of pre retirement, work transition, and retirement itself.

Lanning lives in Mosman, Sydney.

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