A successful retirement relies on many things – but two of the most important are our attitudes to retirement, what we call Mindset and building a deep and realistic understanding of what we want to do and can do in retirement. These two reflective quizzes help you with this.

For pre retirement planning and for those already in retirement


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Quiz 1

Our attitude to retirement, what is called Mindset, is arguably the single biggest determinate of reticent success. If we have the right attitude retirement looks after itself. But very few of us have all the right attitudes and most of us need to wok on many of them. Take this quiz to identify your Mindset strengths and development priorities. You will find that attitudes can be shifted since you are aware of the issues. Either planning your retirement or in retirement use this quiz often to keep your Mindset on track.

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Quiz 2 Awareness

Leading up to retirement many of us have big dreams about what we want to do – write that book, climb that mountain do that course… But often times these goals are completely removed from reality. Once the reality sits in of spending every day in a locked room writing a book, most give up. Once they realise that running a marathon requires months of hard work (and no wine), many give up. This is bad for our morale and wastes our time and money. This quiz helps you get retirement focussed from day one on the things that really interest and suit you.

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