Events, Courses and Initiatives

Our face to face and on-line courses, get togethers and events are there to help men build and maintain a great retirement, to get the tools, techniques and approaches, ideas and skills to help make a real difference. But we also find that guys also like to meet other guys and they like to see that we are all wrestling with the same issues.

There is something nice about talking these things over with a bunch of other men who are at the same stage of life and who relate to their issues, because they are going through them themselves.

Connections are often formed. Common interests identified that extend beyond the course or get together. And of course there is always the convenience of doing it all on-line.

Or, mix and match. Use face to face when it works and continue the learning at home, doing this with a partner perhaps. Retirement is a joint journey. If you are partnered then they need to be involved every step of the way.

Please note: Due to Corona Virus all face to face courses are on hold. We are currently updating our on-line courses to cater for these changing circumstances and will upload the on-line courses soon. These will be available by April 10.

Face to Face Courses

Temporarily Suspended due to the Corona Virus

Face to face courses suspended temporarily due to the Corona Virus. Updated on-line course available April 10.

On-line courses

We are changing these to reflect the Corona virus impact. New material will be available from April 10.

Undertake our courses on-line or supplement your face to face courses and get togethers with on-line materials. Use these together with your partner to build your retirement lifestyle together.

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