What Makes for a Happy Retirement

This article states that four things drive a happy retirement: Going back to work (this is important, but other research says this only works if the retiree doesn’t have to work for financial reasons and does something that fits their retirement lifestyle and that they enjoy They maintain relationships They find hobbys and stay busyContinue reading “What Makes for a Happy Retirement”

Unhappy Retirement – Impact on Marriage

This is an anecdotal and somewhat chatty article about how couples deal with retirement and how an unhappy retired husband (or wife) can lead to serious marriage issues. Researchers from Bowling Green University found that the divorce rate in this age group (retired people) increased from one in 10 in 1990, to more than one in fourContinue reading “Unhappy Retirement – Impact on Marriage”

Retirement Issues By Gender

This is a long and detailed but thorough research paper examining the different retirement issues of men and woman and what gives or detracts from each gender’s psychological well being. Here are some of the findings. Financial resources are more strongly related to men’s than to women’s psychological well-being in retirement. Flexibility in goal adjustmentContinue reading “Retirement Issues By Gender”