Getting Social

A big part of a happy retirement is having a happy social life. This does not mean that we all need to be party animals. We need two find our own level of sociability. But what it does mean is that you have in place the level of sociability that makes you happy, that youContinue reading “Getting Social”

How to build positive attitudes for retirement

As the previous blog mentioned, a positive attitude is very important if we want a happy retirement. So, how do we build these attitudes? The attached article outlines a good set of ‘how’s. Whilst it relates to our attitude at work, as we have said often, retirement should be treated as just another job soContinue reading “How to build positive attitudes for retirement”

Having the right attitude

If you want a happy retirement then having the right attitude is key – positive, connected, enthusiastic, fun to be with, creative, spontaneous, adventurist … see attached article. It’s important to be aware of our attitudes and that they stay positive. When they are not positive it means we have to make some adjustments toContinue reading “Having the right attitude”

How to feel less anxious about retirement

In 1927 Bluma Zeigarnik discovered that we forget about completed tasks but continue to remember and worry about un-completed ones. Uncompleted tasks make us anxious. That makes sense and we can all relate to this. But we always have uncompleted tasks, so does that mean we are always going to be anxious? Fortunately no. ThereContinue reading “How to feel less anxious about retirement”

9 Key Steps to a Happy Retirement – Plan It!

The Forbes video discusses the 9 key steps to a happy retirement – number 1? Plan it and prepare for it. Know what you want to do in detail before you retire. We are not talking money. This is about what you want to do with your days in retirement, discussions with your partner, buildingContinue reading “9 Key Steps to a Happy Retirement – Plan It!”

It’s important to have plenty of friends when you retire. Make sure you are building friendships before your retire.

Making and keeping friends as we get older is difficult. It is even more difficult for men who often forsake friendships outside of work for those within work or hand over social duties and arrangements to their partner. Guys who start off with plenty of friends in their teens and twenties find that by theContinue reading “It’s important to have plenty of friends when you retire. Make sure you are building friendships before your retire.”

Over 50% Rated Their Retirement After 2 years as Only ‘OK or less’

The period immediately after retirement is know as the ‘honeymoon’ period. This is fairly self explanatory but in the five stage model this is Stage 2. It tells us that happiness in retirement typically peaks for a period of up to 2 years after retirement – the ‘Honeymoon’ period. Our recent survey indicated that 47%Continue reading “Over 50% Rated Their Retirement After 2 years as Only ‘OK or less’”