Building a Great Retirement

Building and maintaining a great retirement requires ongoing effort – it doesn’t just happen.

There are a lot of things that help make a retirement great, but they have one thing in common. They all require effort to make happen. Nothing happens if you don’t pick up the phone, take the initiative, join in, reach out, initiate …

But this effort is not easy. It’s not easy day one of retirement, and it’s even tougher to keep it going.

Where do you begin? How do you do it? How do you address the issues and problems and failures (there will be those) that come along the way? How do you keep adjusting your retirement so it best meets your needs and your partner’s. Because your partner wants to see you happy. They don’t want to live with a grumpy man.

We have a range of solutions to help you build a truly great retirement.

Tools, methodologies, insights, skills.

We present straightforward methodologies and approaches, tips and tools that you can use to help create, implement and keep on track, your great retirement. Core to this is an understanding of how the Five ‘Mind’ Stages^ of retirement work, being aware of which stage you are at, the potential problems with each and how to best manage each stage.

Pre- Retirement strategies to help ensure you are retirement ready.

We take you through the best pre retirement strategies so you are ‘retirement ready’. No longer worried about what retirement will bring, but now armed with realistic expectations about what retirement can be and what it offers and what you want it to be, you can go straight from work to your ‘great’ retirement.

Retirement planning tools – yes, you need an actual plan on a page – not just in your head!

This may sound a little over engineered, but you need a plan. Not just something in your head, but something thought through, properly investigated and preferably done hand in hand with your partner. A document. You need this plan to capture all your great ideas now and in the future. You need this plan so that you can prioritise what you do and because time and money is limited, how you spend your limited time and your limited money to deliver the best possible retirement lifestyle. Use our easy online proprietary MIRAP* templates and planning process to help get your thoughts together. Once you have this on paper you can set about building your retirement lifestyle. But this needs to come first – and is best done in pre retirement. But if you already retired, still do it. It’ll make a big difference.

Tools to keep your ‘great’ retirement, ‘great’.

Our RAEM* model is designed to help keep your great retirement on track, because retirement is constantly evolving. We get older, our interests shift, maybe our resource balance, the time and/or money we want to spend on certain things, is different now than it was last year. Making these successful shifts is critical.

Face to face and on-line courses, workshops, lunches

Join one of the ‘The Men In Retirement – Making it Great’ courses, either on-line or in person. Each course takes you through the key retirement strategies for both pre retirees and short and long term retirees. It helps you build your ‘great’ retirement and keep it on track.

Online forum to share and learn

Join our online forum which contains many useful articles and tips, great ideas and things to do, stories from people just like you who have written in to share their experiences, their successes and their concerns; ask questions, find useful tips and tools. Join in, be part of the community. Hey, you may also connect with people like you either on line or in person. Building connections is a big part of having a great retirement.

Podcasts of Interviews with retirees, pre retirees, spouses and partners. Hear their stories.

Check out our online library of videos and podcasts, interviews with pre retirees and existing retirees both the men, and often the partners, sharing their stories, their successes, their challenges. Check them out.

Our face to face courses/meet ups

Meet fellow retirees and pre retirees, share experiences, and then let us provide you with the tools and approaches you need to build and maintain a truly great retirement.

Our blog

Find articles and tools and tips and research, get in touch and share your story, read others, build connections and find great things to do. Get help and join in. We are all in this together.

Our on-line programs

If you can’t physically get to one of our courses, then our on-line program delivers to you all the tools and techniques of our face to face program, at your desk top.

Podcasts, interviews, retirement stories

There is nothing like listening to other peoples stories, issues and solutions and successes to help us get insights into our own retirement lifestyle development

Share your experiences. Connect with others. Find great things to do. Build a great retirement.

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